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You want to live a toxin-free life but where do you begin?

As we're faced with a post-pandemic world many of you are wondering, "how can I move forward?" 

Let me reassure you, you're In the right place. 

I want to give you hope. There's real control you can take back over your health.



Transform Your Health + Home In The Next 30 Days 

  • Are you interested in natural ways to help you stay healthy and strong?
  • Are you tired of being overwhelmed and even frightened by the underground conversations by underqualified people sharing opinions?
  • Are you needing some hope and practical tools during this challenging time in our world?

Imagine If...

Without fear and in full confidence, you could:

  • Go back to work
  • Engage with co-workers and customers
  • Have dinner parties
  • Travel
  • Allow your children to have play dates
  • Send your kids back to school
  • Go on dates

This is possible and I want it for you. 

I want you to feel the confidence I feel. I want you to have the resources and tools at your fingertips to keep your family healthy, like I do. 

I'm going to educate and empower you on how you can live your healthier, most vibrant life by sharing with you much of what I've studied and implemented in my 12+ years of experience as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. 

I'm here for you and am ready to lock arms with you in your health journey.

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The 4 Week Method to Transition From

The Unknown To An UNTOXIN Life Is Here!


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  • Module 1 UNTOXIN DIET Video and Audio
  • Module 2 UNTOXIN HOME Video and Audio 
  • Module 3 UNTOXIN MIND Video and Audio
  • Module 4 UNTOXIN BODY Video and Audio
  • Bonus Module - Essential Oils Made Easy Class 
  • 4 Expert Interviews Video and Audio
  • 30 Day Meal Plan
  • 30 Day Menu Plan
  • 30 Day Shopping List
  • 24 Hour UNTOXIN Protocol 
  • Journal Prompts UNTOXIN DIET 
  • Journal Prompts UNTOXIN HOME 
  • Journal Prompts UNTOXIN MIND 
  • Journal Prompts UNTOXIN BODY
  • Castor Oil Pack Instructions
  • Coffee Enema History/Instructions
  • Detox Bath Instructions
  • Essential Oil Blends Cheat Sheet
  • UNTOXIN Resources Guide
  • Supplement Recommendations Sheet


The UNTOXIN Method Benefits Anyone at Any Age


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Remove Toxins From

Your Diet


What you eat will either fight or feed disease, so you must start by taking toxins out of your diet.

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Remove Toxins From

Your Home


Cleaning up your environment including household and personal care products, is critical to living a toxin free life. 

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Remove Toxins From

Your Mind


You must learn to keep toxins from living in your hearts and minds in order to live healthy and vibrant lives.

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Remove Toxins From

Your Body


Many toxins accumulate in the body leading to uncomfortable side effects, symptoms, and disease.

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I'm Season Johnson

I imagine you're feeling uneasy and probably fearful of the current climate of our world.

To sit across from you is my wish. To look you in the eyes and tell you it is going to be ok

You’ve made the commitment to uplevel your health, and I’m as committed to you as you are to this new method.

It’s an honor to walk alongside you as action replaces fear and confidence removes uneasiness. 

Let’s get started and UNTOXIN YOUR WORLD,

XO, Season



The UNTOXIN Method is the first of its kind that not only teaches you how to let hope replace fear, but provides you with the practical step-by-step ways to take control over your health.


Want to see a sneak peek inside?!


Module 1: UNtox Your Diet!

What you eat will either fight disease or feed it. Research shows over 80% of our immune system is located in the gut. This means UNtoxing your diet can help improve your immunity. Powerful, right? In this module, you’re going to learn simple steps, delicious recipes, and more of the WHY behind the importance of UNtoxing your diet in order to live your healthiest life.

Module 2: UNtox Your Home!

Did you know the average home has over 5,000 toxins inside of it? Many of which you can control by replacing with more effective, nontoxic options. In fact, you’ll find UNtoxing your home is not only healthier but also more cost-effective! In this module, you’ll learn simple steps, easy swaps, and of course, what hidden toxins may be in your home so you can make the change and UNtox your home.

➔ Module 3: UNtox Your Mind!

How you choose to navigate the current circumstances you’re faced with will directly influence the outcome, based on what you do have control over…your thoughts, the images you put in your mind, the words you speak, the environments you create, and the conversations you entertain. UNtoxing your mind has everything to do with your ability to thrive physically and emotionally. In this module, you’ll learn how to UNtox your mind with simple steps, daily practices, and the importance of soul care for your overall health.

Module 4: UNtox Your Body!

Although your body is created with detox organs and you naturally eliminate toxins through your urine, waste, sweat, and lungs, it’s important to understand the incredible exposure you’re now receiving daily from different toxins. These can include food supply, environmental toxins, medications, stress, or from the rise in your daily use of electronics. In this module, you’ll learn how critical it is to practice daily detoxification to truly support your overall health along with detox steps, tips, and protocols!

➔ BONUS Module 🌟 Essential Oils Made Easy Class 

This foundational essential oils class will give you a solid start in understanding the science behind essential oils and how to safely use them. You’ll also learn about the top 13 essential oils and how to easily implement them into your everyday life and support your most common health concerns. There’s no better place to begin than with this class! See the rest of the details below.


Speaking of bonuses, there are many more priceless bonus in this program. Check them out below!





All The Tools You Need To UNTOXIN Your Life



The UNTOXIN Bath, The UNTOXIN Coffee Enema, The UNTOXIN Method 24 Hour Protocol, UNTOXIN Supplement Recommendations Sheet, Countless Resources and Discounts, The UNTOXIN METHOD Castor Oil Pack, Weekly Journal Prompts for Your Mindset and so much more!


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WAIT! There's more...


You'll receive The Essential Oils Made Easy Class by Season Johnson, FNTP

This foundational essential oils class will give you a solid start in understanding the science behind essential oils and how to safely use them. There’s no better place to begin than with this class!

You'll Learn:

  • What essential oils are and how they work.
  • 3 ways to safely and effectively use essential oils.
  • How to use the top 13 essential oils to support a variety of health concerns.
  • Tips to easily incorporate essential oils into your daily routine.
  • Essential oils that should not be used.
  • How to ensure your essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic and safe.
I'm Ready!
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"Before diving into the UNtoxin program I thought I lived a pretty “clean” life, but I knew I could do better and go deeper to optimize my health. I love how the program was divided into modules and I could go at my own pace, and revisit modules as I implemented the tips and suggestions. Each module is packed full of information and presented in a way that was easy to implement. I never felt overwhelmed or that I had to do “all the things”. Season does an incredible at teaching and making me feel empowered in knowing small steps will make a big impact and that I can make progress in my health by 'doing the best I can with what I have'."


- Alicia D.

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Module Masterclasses 

(VALUE: $500)

4 \ 30-minute self-paced training sessions taught by Season Johnson on the topics of removing toxins from your diet, home, mind and body.


Expert Interview Sessions

(VALUE: $600)

4 interviews with specialized experts and practitioners on the topics of removing toxins from your diet, home, mind and body. Video episodes and audio recordings for your listening enjoyment.


 UNTOXIN Supplement Recommendations Sheet

(Value $27)

As you can imagine, The UNTOXIN Method is jam-packed with supplement suggestions and guidance for your nontoxic future.


The UNTOXIN 24 Hour Protocol 

(VALUE: $350)

This 24-hour step-by-step protocol gives you hour-by-hour instructions on how to untoxin your life from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep.


30 Day UNTOXIN Meal Plan

w/ Shopping List and A Calendar

(VALUE: $197)

This 30 days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners fits perfectly into my suggested nutrition plan. All recipes have been kid-tested and enjoyed by many of my friends and family members.


Essential Oil Blends Cheat Sheet

(VALUE: $47)

Your guide to essential oils and the perfect way to use them.


Coffee Enema

(Value $27)

A generalized detoxification procedure. Coffee enemas are perfectly safe when taken as directed. They stimulate the liver and gallbladder to release stored toxins as well as enhance liver function.


Castor Oil Pack

(Value $27)

This is an excellent way to naturally detox your body and especially your liver gently and inexpensively.


Weekly Journal Prompts

Inside The UNTOXIN Method Modules

(VALUE: $47)

These are the perfect tools to reset and encourage a nontoxic mindset every week.


Essential Oils Made Easy Class 

(VALUE: $247)

This engaging, expertly curated online class introduces you to the nontoxic world of essential oils and everything they have to offer.


Detox Bath

(VALUE: $27)

This is exactly what you need. Detox baths go beyond just soothing and boosting our well-being by strengthening our immune system and preventing disease.


Resources Catalog

With countless discounts and CRAZY savings!


Additional FREE Bonuses 

★ Shot Protocols

★ Symptom Protocols

★ Meditations

★ Recipes 

★ Inspirations 

★ Tips  

Get ALL OF this for ONLY $297

TOTAL VALUE: Over $2200

For an investment that's a FRACTION of this cost. 

Get ALL of this for

ONLY $297 


See what students are saying about

The UNTOXIN Method

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Kim R.


You've given me an opportunity to learn about new ways to de-toxify my life! As well as a new career choice I absolutely love.

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Patty R.


The personalization and connectedness [inside the program] makes it different than just watching Season's IG/FB videos.

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Janet C.


I feel more confident in making choices to meet my needs and feel empowered to ask questions that will support my health.


Here's why you need to get inside the UNTOXIN Method today!

Seriously… IS possible to stay in control of your life by implementing natural solutions to help you stay healthy or assist you in your healing journey. IS possible to minimize or eliminate the side effects of the current conventional approach to covid. IS possible to not feel hopeless during this challenging time in our world. IS possible to not only improve your immune system now but also keep it strong enough to withstand the harsh effects the current state of our world.

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We are exposed to more toxins than at any time in human history

From pollution to plastics, vaccines, antibiotics, pesticides, prescription meds, building materials, endocrine disruptors, tap water, and the list goes on. This detox method is practical and guided. It goes beyond a juice fast and a few diet tips to transforming your environment, improving your mindset, and increasing immune resilience.

WE cannot afford to not use this method.

Our lives and the earth are too precious to risk it any further. 



Don't just take it from me...

Read what my clients are saying!

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Pomai L. 


I didn’t really know I even had this toxic “problem” on my hands. I honestly was clueless. I grew up eating crap food and snacks and watching my mom clean our house with chemical cleaners. I didn’t know there was anything wrong with that....but I happen to stumble upon the untoxin method and have loved the journey thus far.

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Victoria D.


My mindset has changed in a drastic way. I see food differently now. I eat food to help heal me now. My headaches are gone, my bloating is gone, my muscle pain is gone. I don’t have my bouts of depressions every month like I used to. I am exercising more and just feeling more joy in my own life as well as my kids lives.


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Sarah Fruh


You helped figure out what was wrong with my daughter and how to fix it. You also helped me improve my health and wellbeing. The knowledge I gained from you regarding food, health, and our bodies was invaluable and so eye opening. It was a huge blessing to our entire family.




“I want to join The UNTOXIN  Method Program”

Let's Get Started!


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