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✓ Move for 20 minutes. ✓ Eliminate junk food. ✓ Seek morning sunlight. ✓ Consume 75oz of water. ✓ Ditch evening electronics. ✓ Read 10 pages of a book. ✓ Listen to 15 minutes of a podcast .✓ Create a morning routine. ✓ Set a bedtime.

Take Action...


A step-by-step program designed to equip you with the knowledge to confidently implement natural solutions into your daily life.





The Foundations of Essential Oils 

What makes essential oils unique and step-by-step instructions on how to use them safely and effectively.


Starter Kit Training 

Self-paced, educational videos taught by seasoned wellness advocates on the benefits of each product in your kit and how to easily implement them into your daily lifestyle.


Why doTERRA?

With so many other essential oils on the market, learn who doTERRA is, their sourcing principles, and what sets them apart.


Improving Your Habits

Receive guidance in selecting 3 new habits, as well as, a habit tracker to help you stay committed and regular action challenges to encourage your desire for healthy living.



Learn the answers to some of the most common questions about essential oils and how to stay connected to our private team for more individualized support.


Product Resources

Downloadable handouts and an ebook with the top uses for each product in your kit.


The Foundations of Your Membership

Tips on how to make the most of your doTERRA Wholesale Membership and an understanding about all of the benefits you'll receive.


Total Program Value = $197


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This has been life changing for so many of my friends, as well as my family and for ME!



There's so much great support and the resources and education you receive are just what I needed to feel confident to bring natural solutions into my home.



Once you start experiencing your oils and using them everyday, you'll never go back!

3 Myths About Natural Solutions

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  Don't just take it from us...



My 18-month-old broke out in super scary looking red patches that had tiny blister-like bumps. I was mentally preparing for an all-night ER sesh while I was making an essential oil concoction. I rubbed it on her back and feet and thought it wouldn’t be until morning until we saw improvement. SO WRONG!! YOU GUYS!!!! Within 15 minutes the bumps were almost all gone and just a handful of red patches remained.

Can you imagine if I didn’t have my oils? What would an ER visit cost me? Wholly crap!! You know how much I spent instead? Like, $0.50. Yeah. I'm still amazed at how incredible these essential oils are!



As a professional athlete, I’m constantly searching for holistic therapies that will give my body and mind the boost it needs to be able to compete with athletes that are 10 years younger than myself. I was feeling my age start to sneak up on me both mentally and physically.  After hearing the scientific research about doTERRA's supplements and diffusing essentials oils, I decided to give it a try.

Within a couple weeks, I noticed my mental clarity was so sharp. It seemed as if the game was being played in slow motion (which is a good thing). My reflex was so much faster and my joints felt looser. It was actually the best I had felt in my whole career.

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